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The Great Squirrel Burglar

In The Great Squirrel Burglar, authors Mary Ellen Graham Wehrli  and J. Lawrence Graham present us with an engaging story and charming illustrations for children, parents, and grandparents that teach the importance of multigenerational relationships and the worthy (and delightful!) lessons we learn from family.

Alongside the “squirrely” characters of Grandpa Earl—aka the legendary Great Squirrel Burglar—and his “grandkit” Jack Boy, children and their families will go on a delightful journey to help Grandpa Earl solve the mystery of where he’s hidden his missing nuts and acorns. Joining Earl and his grandson are Carl the Cardinal, the fabulous feline Catrina, Spot, the hound dog, Babbit the Rabbit, and more!

This captivating cast of wildlife friends adds color and fun to The Great Squirrel Burglar, which teaches children about the joy (and excitement!) that older generations can add to their families.

Praise for The Great Squirrel Burglar

Imagine Everywhere

Get ready for an exciting and colorful trip around the world!

The dazzling photos on these pages will spark your children’s interest in the bigger world—other places, other people and their families, other cultures, and other creatures from around the planet and beyond! You’ll also learn ideas for how to ignite your curious kids’ creativity by building connections between the photos and asking questions such as, “What do you see that is the same? What is different? What can we discover together?”

So climb aboard for adventure as your kids’ (and your) imaginations go wild!